Wednesday, May 12

Afternoons at Our House

After William gets home from school, everyone has a favorite spot to be. Here's William's spot...
He usually just plays wii, but lately he has gotten back into Tiger Woods '09 on x-box. So now, it's golf on x-box first, then golf, bowling, frisbee, and everything else he can fit into an hour or so on wii.Here's where Jonathan usually ends up after a long morning & afternoon at work. And here's our newest little tech junkie! Since William has moved onto bigger and better things, she's taken over the leap pad.
And while she's often found lounging on the bed, she can also be found like this...
And when it looks like this in their room, that's usually where I will be found too, (coordinating the clean up) although I wouldn't consider that my favorite place to be!


joven said...

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Anonymous said...

...never a dull moment, huh?
Train William to golf like Tiger, and you and Jon will be "set"!

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