Tuesday, May 25

Computer Lab

Well, we aren't homeschooling, but we do have our own little "computer lab!" William has long known the wonders of PBS kids and Playhouse Disney, but it's only been recently that I found Wubbzy and Dora games on Nick Jr. Because of this new discovery, and the fact that Abbey wants to play on the computer too, I saw that we were going to need a way for them to be able to play at the same time. So, I pulled out my old laptop and the occasionally used netbook, and set them up on their little table. I was a little concerned that the size of the computers would be an issue, but thankfully, that hasn't been a problem. As long as they each have a computer of their own, no matter the size, they are happy! They have such fun 'playing the puter' and I have so much fun watching what they can do! You should see Abbey put together the Handy Manny puzzles! She was doing the advanced ones the first day - it's incredible! And I honestly don't know how William can maneuver Wubbzy around with the arrow keys like he does! They're both a wonder!
I love watching my little computer geeks! (I can call them that, since it takes one to know one! :))


Anonymous said...

Wow! They look to be enjoying themselves. What a great idea--a computer learning lab in your home. Love it!

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