Tuesday, January 26

Back to the Lake

Well, we've been saving our bread and were all set to feed the birds again.  William had the day off of school yesterday and Jonathan was home from his early morning shift, so we could all go together.  It was another SUPER windy day, so we brought the kite along too.  I think that ended up being William's favorite part, since the birds were basically nowhere to be found! 

Both of the kids wanted to wear their hats.  Abbey's sporting the Tigger trucker hat.

William's representing D Town

I had to take this picture to show Aunt Holley Abbey's cute sandals!  Plus, momma has matching ones! :) 

Abbey says, "There it is!"

Hold on tight!

It's WAY high! Oh, and William loved the big steps in the grass.  He hopped all over those things!

William's turn!

It's a Buzz Lightyear kite and William kept saying, "To infinity and beyond!!"  It was really cute. 

Looking for the birds...

Nope, no birds! :( 


Anonymous said...

Love Love Love the sandals!!!! Aunt Holley (thats weird to type! lol!)

Anonymous said...

Are those Adidas soccer sandals? Pretty cool! (That's a blast from the past.) Glad that Jon could join you this time...sorry about the birds...They must have gone South. Ha!
Love, (Tall) Grama

husnain said...

its too good keep it up....

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