Monday, January 25

William, the 'Arteest'!

Yes, I know that's not how you spell it, but that's how I wanted you to read it. :)  William inherited some kind of recessive artistic gene (definitely didn't come from me or Jonathan) and it's really become apparent lately.  He is drawing all the time and some of his pictures are so detailed and imaginative!  I thought I'd share...

He calls these guys his friends! 

This is William walking a dog. 

This name one looks very "artsy" to me. 

This was his very first "butterfly hands."  He did it all himself, even tracing his own hands!  (sorry for the shadow)

He drew these smiley face guys just after Christmas.  Notice he included eyebrows! 

This last one isn't a drawing, but it falls under the artistic category.  When he's not drawing, he's building and is quite proud of his houses! 


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,
Well, he certainly does not get his artistic talent from "this" Grama! (I always label my drawings so that there is not doubt about what it is!) It's nice to see him having so much fun creating.

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