Sunday, February 7

Abbey's Poor Head

So yesterday, Abbey tripped on the rug and went flying into the corner of the bed.  Doesn't sound so bad, except that it was the corner of the pull-out trundle bed, which is wooden, a little roughed up, and sharp.  I was 3 feet away and could see she was heading that way, but couldn't do anything fast enough to stop her.  I was thankful that she wasn't gushing blood, because if she had hit it at a different angle, it was looking like we were headed to the hospital!  (And of course, it happened while Jonathan was at work...)

She did hit over top of a vein though and she had this massive lump, huge and blue with blood.  I have to say I was pretty freaked out, but had to be calm for her sake.  I was so thankful that the skin didn't break more than it had and that the lump wasn't getting any bigger after 10 minutes!  I kept her upright and tried my best to console her.  Eating a "Dora" yogurt helped! :)  Of course, our tough nut wouldn't let me put any ice on it.  So she toughed it out and this is how it looked last night.  It's hard to get a scale of how big the bump is, but you can see the color. 

(Sorry, on second thought I took these pictures out, because bath pictures [even just a head shot] on the blog probably aren't the best idea...)

The pictures below, I can't get them to turn around which is really aggrevating, but here you can also see where she took a spill 2 nights ago and scraped up her arm.  She managed to get the back AND the front side of her right arm that night.  Poor thing, it was so funny, she did it before dinner and kept her arm straight that whole night.  It was funny to see her try to eat with only 1 good hand!  Anyhow, if you look closely in the second picture you will see her scar from where William threw a block at her about a year ago - nearly in the same place! 
It remains to be seen if she is just a bit of a klutz, if her shoes and an uneven walkway contributed to the fall the other night, or if she has some balance issues.  Some days I'd like to put her in a bubble, but since we can't do that, I'm thankful that she's a tough little thing! 


Anonymous said...

Hope she is doing better now that a few days have passed. Give her a kiss for me.

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