Monday, January 19

Plan B

We thought we might head out of town this weekend, since it was a 3-day weekend and William didn't have school, but then of course, Jonathan had to work, so we just had a fun afternoon on Sunday. After church we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese, which isn't the smartest thing to do in this town, especially when it's was packed! But we weren't deterred, especially since I had a great coupon! BTW, I'm really into coupons lately; I've got my own organizational system for them and they're so worth the time! Anyway, so we got a pizza and it was fortunate that someone else was having a party while we were eating since William enjoyed the animatronic (or whatever they are) singing characters! He spent nearly the entire time eating like this:

It was a special day so I allowed him to stand and eat his food, which really I didn't mind, since he was packing it away! We would ask him if he was done, he'd say yes, then grab another piece! It was funny. So it was a little crazy hanging onto 2 kids, all our stuff and trying to take pictures, so we didn't get that many, but here are the ones we did get...

William wasn't interested in waiting around for the picture thing to focus and take our picture, hence the fussy face! Both kids were all over the basketball toss and this funny thing that tossed up balls into a dog's mouth. William was great at b-ball, making quite a few shots on his own. Abbey got some help from dad!
We didn't get any pictures of William bowling. I think that was his favorite. It was quite a long game too and we kept having to give other kids a turn. Oh, and there was this one kid who kept butting into everything the kids were doing. He kept sticking his head in front of the camera when Abbey was trying to get her picture taken, he was stealing the bowling ball from William, and he tried to get on a ride with Jonathan when he already had both kids on his lap. Usually random kids don't bother me, but this guy was incessant. I don't know where his parents were, but I guess they missed the part about how they're supposed to still pay attention to their kids once they give them some tokens...

Since I got a new scarf for Christmas, and due to the fact that I now have 4 new ways to wear them, I wore it that afternoon and had Jonathan get a picture - even though you can't tell since Abbey's hiding it. Thought you Big Mama followers would enjoy that. :)

I was anticipating that they would be both be asleep on the way home, so I had the camera ready, but no luck. They were wide awake by the time we got through the rain, into the house, and put them in their beds, so it took another ride around town to get them to sleep! It seems to be taking more and more effort to tire them out these days! :)


Angela said...

Love the scarf, Laura!
Angie just posted another video from someone else about scarfs.

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