Tuesday, January 20

Photography by William

Do you ever wonder what a 3-year old will take pictures of, if given the opportunity? Well, even if you have never wondered about that, here's your answer. I saw William grab the camera this afternoon and watched him wander the house snapping away. He even brought me a new battery and the camera when it said "change the batteries!" He's catching on... :)

In the first collage, you might notice the 2 blurry pictures - those are his slippers...Obviously important to him! Oh, and please notice who's up and awake and who's lying down! :)


Angela said...

You keep your house really clean! Abbey didn't make it into the pictures. I see her feet but not her face.
William did pretty well with the camera. Interesting perspective on his train track.

Laura said...

Yeah, it's kind of odd, that Abbey's face didn't make it in any pictures today. Usually she's the first thing he takes a picture of. I think he's going to be one of those artsy types that finds cool perspectives on everyday things, or maybe he already is? Yes, I suppose my house is rather tidy, but that's the neat freak in me and when there's just a little space to start, clutter makes it feel even smaller! Thanks for noticing, though. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Good job William. You are taking after your Papa, he will be proud of you.

Aunt Pam :)

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