Monday, January 5

I did paint!

Papa and Nana, these pictures are for you! William, Abbey, and I were being crafty today and William asked me to open up his new finger paints. He got his hands right in there and then said, "I did paint!" Every time he sees his pages he says that! I was very proud of him and I thought you would be too! :)


Collins Family said...

How will probably save these masterpieces forever!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow...William really got his hands in the paint. Awesome!


Collins Family said...

I do have a bedskirt, thank you for the offer though. The one we have came with the set :-)
As far as Mac's smile, I do think it looks like Mike...kind of a sneaky little grin!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I remember these days... Make sure you date them and put his age on them. Ben, Jordan and Adam could spend hours painting. Not sure if they liked the pics or just playing in it with the hands. They also liked mixing up spices in a big bowl.Another fun one is cheap shaving cream sprayed on the table and let them writ in it (or just play). Have fun...
love you all,
Aunt Linda

Papa said...

I hope you save one his masterpieces for Nana and I. His art work may be worth a fortue one day! I am glad that he likes to paint. It will give him another way to express things.

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