Monday, January 5

For Your Information

If you're a Goodwill/Salvation Army/Once Upon A Child/ or any other children's resale store shopper, like myself, then it would do you well to read the following articles. This is the thing, if you have ever bought secondhand children's things, or given your children's things away, then this will most likely affect you.
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New safety rules for children's clothes have stores in a fit

New law seems to ban resale of toys

Addendum: I just want to say that while I think it's wonderful that the government is trying to make our kids' toys safer, I think their plan really stinks. Have they not given any thought to the repercussions either? I can't imagine local resale stores closing down altogether or closing their kid departments because they can't afford to test the items they receive! If the government is making the new law retroactive, then they should pay for all of the previously "safe" stuff to be tested, not just thrown away! Just my little 2 cents for you! :)


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