Monday, January 12

Abbey with bells on

Since our little Abbey is so quiet (when she wants to be) I decided to put some bells on her to know where she's at. Even in our small place, it's good to be able to hear her, even when I can't see her. I thought I might sew them onto the bottoms of all her pants, but then I figured it'd be easiest just to pin them on each day - yes, less work for me! So now she jingles when she walks and I can keep better track of her!

In other news, I heard William count from 6 to 10, correctly and in order all by himself the other night! I was so proud! Plus, he's started saying "okay" when you ask him something, it's very cute! He nearly blew away his speech therapist last week when he pushed her away from a chair and said, "I want sit down!" She gave me a whole list of words & phrases he said that day! He's really coming along and we're very thankful for that progress! :)


Anonymous said...

Very glad William is doing so well with his speech. Soon he may talk so much you will be telling to be quiet!

We had bells on Mary and Angela's first walking shoes that helped us keep them in toe.

Aunt Pam :)

Nana said...

I don't think either Katie or Jon were ever that quiet!! But they also wore bells on their shoes that kept the laces tied and we could hear where they were.

It's great to hear of William's continued progress too.


Papa said...

I have always said that she is my "stealth" grandbaby! She can change rooms faster than you can blink!

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