Wednesday, January 14

Humongous praise!

In case you're already wondering, I spell-checked that word and it's correct! :) So I came home from running errands today to find a box at the door. I wasn't expecting anything, so of course, I was very curious. I have been hoping to receive what I thought would be a letter, but when I read the return address, I was hoping that a box was even better than a letter.
I couldn't open it fast enough and when I saw the bear and the paper, I knew it was good news! And I just had to share this news with everyone - that we have received a grant to cover the cost of William's speech!! I applied for it last October and I've been praying about it ever since. It wasn't exactly a simple process, getting everything needed for the application and I nearly lost my cool on several occasions with our insurance, as well as our pcp's office, but it was worth it! This is such a wonderful answer to prayer! We haven't been able to afford the past months of speech that he's already received and amazingly, it's been paid for us, which is a huge blessing in and of itself! But I know that it's a financial burden for those paying for it, so technically, it's a double blessing! Thank you to all of you who continue to pray for our family, thank you to the United Healthcare Children's Foundation, and thank you, Lord, for this amazing blessing you've given us today!

PS - I'm sorry that the picture is sideways. No matter what I do, I can't turn it around...


Anonymous said...

Your hard work and prayers really paid off, Laura! But it's God who gets the glory for this one...

William has already made great strides with his speech therapy, and this will keep him going for quite a while longer. PTL!


Papa said...

This is really great news! I am so glad that you guys will be getting some relief. I am really anxious to have a long conversation with my grandson one day. You guys are always in my prayers.


Jen said...

Praise the Lord!! That is exciting!! My nephew didn't say a word until he was three and now he's a normal 8 year old that talks ALL.THE.TIME!!


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