Thursday, January 15

Baby News

Did I get your attention with that title?? :-)) No babies for us, but we finally got word today that my sister's (Amy's) baby will be coming Saturday! She has had so many struggles with this pregnancy and unfortunately, like her last one, this baby is transverse, so she will have another cesarean. If you read this, please pray for her to get through the day quickly and as comfortably as possible tomorrow. I know she's feeling absolutely miserable and she's a little apprehensive about the procedure. Additionally, she and Wayne have 5 other children to make sure are taken care of while she's in the hospital, so you might include Wayne in that prayer! :) Lastly, just for everything on Saturday to go smoothly and for Amy and the baby to be healthy and have no complications. I know they both will appreciate it! I'll be sure to get pictures and info up here when little baby M arrives!


Angela said...

We will keep your sister in our prayers this weekend.
Love the blog makeover!

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