Thursday, January 1

Explorations V

While we were still in Lakeland, we took some time to visit the Explorations V Children's' Museum. This was our first time and we got there early enough to be the first and only ones in there for a while, which was nice. There was a lot to see and experience with real-life exhibits like the Bay News 9 broadcast center and a mini-Publix. As well as fun things like a little fire truck, hot air balloon, and a PCSO car. Abbey loved turning on the lights and playing with the steering wheel of the sheriff's car, while William preferred shopping in Publix! He chose all sorts of goodies and daddy rung him up! We spent a good while checking everything out on that first level, then we went upstairs where there were cool puzzles to do. William and Papa worked on some blocks, while Jonathan tried to build a catenary arch. He put it together correctly (or so we thought), but it wouldn't stand up.

We went down to the basement to check out the orange groves next. It was really cool and they had a whole set up that shows the process of making orange juice. It might have showed something more, but I wasn't paying close enough attention to tell. I was trying to mind Abbey up and down the stairs and prevent her from throwing orange balls all over the place. There were a TON of "oranges" down there!

William liked being able to pick out all of his own food at Publix and how everything beeped as he slid it across the scanner. He liked the meat and the donuts the most, of course! He really loaded up the cart with those his third time around! There was another little kid in there at that time and we told William to save some donuts for him, but his mom informed us that he was doing fine in the produce section! After that William found the Hershey's syrup and the other dad noticed that it was at least the "light" syrup! They must have thought we were terrible parents, but what can you say, the kid knows what he likes - even if he doesn't have it all the time!


Anonymous said...

It looks like you had the place to yourself. Niiice! How fun...

Papa said...

Nana and I really enjoyed watching the kids at Explorations. I would suggest you start saving your money as both kids seem to really like to drive and shopping seems to come naturally to them.

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