Tuesday, December 9

What A Weekend

This past Saturday was Jonathan's Christmas party at work. We were all going to attend since it was for families this year, with Santa bringing presents for the kids and everything. So of course, I was busy Friday packing everyone's things, making sure we could fit it all in the back of Jon's Prius. That thing sure isn't luggage friendly! Anyhow, so we got on our way after we picked up William from school and made good time across 10 and down 75.

We had just gotten onto 60 in Brandon, not even a mile from our hotel, when Abbey started coughing. So I turn around and then out comes her entire lunch, dinner, and most of the juice she drank in the car. It was bad and it was ALL over her and the seat. So we get to the hotel and stripped her down to her diaper. She's not very modest, so she had a blast running around the foyer au natural! Good thing the front desk clerk was a total space cadet or he might have wondered what was going on!

So, we got everything inside and up to the 4th floor, including the car seat, which had to be cleaned out as best as you can do in a hotel bathroom with nothing but a little bar of soap! Jonathan did make a Walmart run, but it was so packed it took him over an hour just to get a snack and a bottle of Lysol! Well anyway, we figured it was just motion sickness and she seemed better in the morning. That's when William was having trouble with phlem stuck in his throat and threw up his breakfast down the front of himself, all over the hotel floor and part of the couch! So it was another clean up job and after that we decided the kids wouldn't do well at the party, plus we didn't want to chance another puke job in the car! So we called Jonathan's dad in Lakeland and thankfully he was home and able to watch the kids. So we loaded everything up and headed east. Which just figures, because this was the one trip we were taking which didn't include a visit to Lakeland - hence booking a hotel just minutes from Jonathan's work! At least we knew the kids would be more comfortable at Nana and Papa's house and have a chance to rest there, so off we went.

So then it was back to Tampa for us and we had a good time at the party. However, we were there longer than anticipated because we had to wait to get all of the new goodies Jonathan gives out to customers. We made it back to Lakeland around 7 and we had a reservation in Gainesville that night since we were trying to get back to Tally by Sunday morning to attend our Sunday School class Christmas party later that afternoon. But as our luck goes, William wasn't eating well and running a high fever when we got back. Like I said, we were packing light and combined the kids bags to fit in the car, so I didn't think I had included the kid tylenol. So Jonathan made a Walgreens run only for us to find the tylenol in the kids' bag after we had already opened the new stuff! It's just the way this weekend was going... Anyhow, thankfully we were able to cancel our hotel in Gville and just stayed the night at Fallins. This meant we weren't making it back for our SS party, but we wanted to make sure William was on the mend before getting on the road.

Oh, and lest I forget, later on that night, while we were putting Abbey's pj's on, we noticed that she was favoring her left foot and Gail had mentioned that earlier she had taken just her left sock off while in the house. Well, I got her little foot under the light to find that it was covered in stinger nettles. The kids had played outside in the yard that afternoon and Abbey managed to take her left shoe and sock off and find the only stinger nettle in the yard! (Ed cleans them out and tries to keep the yard "hazard"-free when the kids are there.) So we all felt terrible and worked on getting as many little stingers out as we could.

So we got back on the road Sunday morning, since William's fever was gone and while Abbey slept, I maneuvered into the back seat and pulled out the stingers with tweezers! I'm glad we were taking the back way home and didn't meet up with any law enforcement! :) At least I have proven that 2 car seats and myself can fit in the back of a Prius - just not legally! :) Anyway, we made it home safely and puke-free Sunday afternoon. Nothing went the way we had planned or hoped, but such is life! The weekend wasn't a total bust though: we had a nice meal from Outback, got a nice vacuum from the gift exchange, and the kids got cool Thomas and Little Einstein presents from Santa!


Angela said...

Those Pruis's have surprisingly roomy interiors. However, the trunk not so much.
Sorry your weekend was not what you planned. I have had a few of those as well.
Let's just hope Christmas week isn't like that!

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