Tuesday, December 9

Well, we THOUGHT he was better...

William was still acting a bit out of sorts Sunday night. He was very clingy and lethargic. He was still sleeping Monday morning when I woke him up for school, which is unusual because he and Abbey are normally up before us. So Jonathan took him to school, but he wanted to be carried down the halls and put his head on Jonathan's shoulder. He didn't cry when Jonathan left, but he was very quiet and sad. Well, about 10:45, I got a call from his teacher wondering if he was sick or tired or something? They had taken his temperature at school, but it was normal. He didn't touch his morning snack though and weirdest of all, William just stood by the fence at recess. He didn't play or run around! He was really in a funk, but we weren't sure why. I said if he didn't eat lunch, I would come and get him early. We both thought that maybe he would do better after a nap too.

So, I picked up him at the regular time yesterday, but he immediately wanted me to hold him and I found out he did eat, but not very much. So I told his teacher that we would see how he acted that night and we'd let him sleep in, if he needed to. Well, last night his diarrhea was back with a vengeance. It's not like that's a good thing, but it confirmed that he has a bug and hopefully it's nothing worse or that he's got an aversion to school now. He and Abbey both had stomach troubles a few weeks ago, so it makes you wonder if he was really completely better. If nothing else, it means more time out of school, which is tough for him. He likes being home, but it sure is rough when he has to go back!

We took these pictures last week when he was wearing his cute new hat. We had to get a back up hat when his favorite camo one was taken home by another kid who has the same one.


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