Wednesday, December 3

Christmas stuff

When we pulled out the Christmas decorations this year, we realized how massive our tree was. We got it on sale last year and it's so pretty, but SO big. Since space isn't something we have a lot of, we decided to craigslist the tree and just get a small one. We're going to be gone the whole week of Christmas, so technically, we don't really need one up in the first place, but come on, we can't skip out on putting a tree up! So the tree sold the day after we listed it and we found a cute, pre-lit one on sale at Home Depot. We could only put on half of our ornaments, but this way we don't have to put on the really tacky ones! :) (Sorry Jonathan!)

The stars that we had were too heavy for this poor little tree. Fortunately I got thinking about angels and remembered I had a special one under the bed. If you knew me when I worked at NWA, then you might remember that this "guy" rode in my car to & from Tampa everyday - thanks to mom! It's perfect for our little tree!

And something exciting about this year is that we have a real mantle and beautiful stockings to display, thanks to Aunt Pam. The kids and I all received handmade stockings with our names on them last year. We LOVE them and now we've got somewhere to hang them!

Oh, and don't be surprised if the blog changes frequently this month. I love all of the cute Christmas backgrounds available and hope to use as many of my favorites as I can!


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