Monday, December 29

Christmas with the Forakers

This year we headed South to spend Christmas with my side of the family at my brother's house. The kids and I went down with my parents, then Jonathan came down after he was done with work, a few days later. It's quite a drive down there, but the kids did great! Grama and Papa were very proud of their good car riders! Mommy was too! :) In addition to celebrating Christmas, we got to celebrate Holley's birthday. We had such a good time; we watched movies, went to the park, moved a tree (well, someone moved the tree), played with bubbles, watched Joey dance, ate good food, visited with Holley's family, opened tons of presents, and just really enjoyed time with family.

William loved the train around Vanaman's tree

Abbey and William got presents from the Vanamans!

Matthew, another of Joey's cousins, came to check out Abbey's spot in the pack n' play. She had to be in there because we were out by the pool and she thought it looked like a big bath!

Joey just got down to business with some food!


Bubble grill


The kids didn't exactly cooperate with our photo shoot attempts!

Rock band is so much fun!

Even mom and the kids got in on the action!

Saying goodbye - Joey was full of hugs! It was so sweet!


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