Tuesday, December 30

Christmas with the Fallins

Well, after opening presents Christmas morning at Dave's and sending basically everything we got home with my parents, we loaded up and left for Lakeland to have Christmas with Jonathan's family. It was just the 6 of us this year, since Mackenzie came early last month and she, Katie and Mike needed to stay home.

We enjoyed a little less hectic pace this trip and the kids had fun playing on the new swing Papa put up out back and of course, with all of their new toys! Good gracious, they really racked up the goods!

William LOVES his Clickstart computer and is really good at it!
Abbey got all kinds of cool play toys, including lots of food, a baby doll, and a shopping cart!

We had a nice meal later that evening and Abbey suprised all of us by eating (and liking) collard greens. She ate all that we gave her and wanted more! William decided to try a black olive, all on his own, and we all watched with anticipation as he took a bite and then spit it out...of course! It was pretty funny. We were happy to see them (at least) trying new things!

The next morning we spent some time with our friends the Catanzarites. It's always good to see them and thankfully we were able to visit with Josh, Lindsey, and little Sawyer too. I think it was last Christmas when we saw the 3 of them. Josh was making us cringe with his stories of how they do knee and hip replacement surgeries. He has a masters in bioengineering and works for BioMet - making or designing - something to do with replacement parts. Amazing!

So we were thankful to see them and then later the Wood family came over. Aunt Pam and Gail made chicken tetrazinni and pies and Angela brought a birthday cake for Jesus and cookies - oh there was so much good stuff!! We had such a nice evening just being together, watching the kids play and open presents, and eating dessert! Abbey loved the coconut cream pie especially! :)

Aunt Pam made the kids pajamas and blankets! They are so cute and soft!!

(To Ed: if some of these pictures look familiar, it's because we made a copy of your pics before we left! :))


Anonymous said...

Our family picture turned out good! I'll get a copy from Eddie later I'm sure. Someone got some good shots of the kids.

Good seeing you all.

Aunt Pam :)

Angela said...

I love the one with Charles and William. Charles really liked watching him play the Cars game.

Collins Family said...

These pictures are great!!! It made me kind of sad to see them and remember how much I missed being with everyone for Christmas this year. But I know that as soon as Mackenzie is able to make the trip, we will be there in a heartbeat :-) I hope you liked the gift Mackenzie got you guys :-)

Laura said...

We loved Mackenzie's gift - thank you!! It's already up on our "family" wall!!

Papa said...

What a Christmas! It was wonderful hearing the children playing and the "older" children glued to Seinfeld. We really enjoy everyone coming to the house. Next year Katie, Mike & Mackenzie will be able to get into all the excitement. I can't wait.

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