Sunday, November 2

William's wonderful word

William's speech has really come around in the past few weeks. Today he was using some 3-word sentences, where you could fully understand every word - it was great!! Definitely an achievement in and of itself!

But on top of that, today was the first time he called me "mama" all on his own! No prompting, no repeating, nothing like that. He wanted me and called me by name. I'm the one without words tonight to fully describe how much this means to me!


Anonymous said...

This if fabulous news. I know it fills your heart with joy. So glad to hear speech is working out. It won't be long and he will be talking your ear off.
Love to all,
Aunt Linda

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you cried when you heard that! Aunt Linda is right soon you won't be able to keep him from talking. At first he will say everything he's been wanting to say and just couldn't.

Aunt Pam :)

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