Monday, November 3

William's on TV

William's school had a special ceremony today for being honored as a Blue Ribbon School. It's pretty cool because it's a big deal for the school. Even better than that though, is that William made the news video about the ceremony! If you follow the link and watch the video, you'll see him near the end walking on the right side of the screen in front of a lady with dark hair keeping him in line. That's his teacher! :) If you scroll through the videos on the right side of the web page (where the screen is a little bigger), you'll see the news anchors bit on the story and you can see him on there too! He's at the beginning of that video!

William on TV!!


Papa said...

Leave it to William to find the camera. He is so handsome. I think he gets it from his Papa.

Anonymous said...

It looked like he was really enjoying the moment!

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