Sunday, November 2

Abbey's Big Girl Bed

Well, our girl is growing up and she has moved into a real bed. Since her crib has been long gone, we thought we might as well give a bed a try, to get her out of the pack n' play. I think we picked a good night to try it out since both kids were pretty tired. Now we'll just see if she makes it through the night - staying in bed! At least I got her to lay down and stay there. In fact, she was asleep within 5 minutes!
Showing off her Lauren Hutton smile!
William got in on the picture action!

Lie down Abbey!!

Okay mom, enough with the pictures!
She thinks she's big stuff brushing her teeth too!



Anonymous said...

They are growing up too fast!

Aunt Pam

Papa said...

WOW! That looks like a really big bed. She is really growing fast.

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