Monday, November 17

William's Field Trip to the Tallahassee Museum

William's class took their first field trip last Monday. Since Ed and Gail were in town, they stayed an extra day to go with us. The Pre-K went with all of the kindergarten classes to the Tallahassee Museum. This was William's first trip on a bus. He loves looking at buses, but we wondered how he would do actually riding in one. We met his class at the museum, so he went all by himself (sort of) on the bus. Mrs. Hatchett said he did great. He wanted to sit all by himself and said "whee" the whole time!
It took him a while to find me, but he did and took my hand, surprisingly! We first went to the farm where the kids saw different farm animals and old buildings. I'm sure the buildings had some importance, but honestly, I wasn't there for the sights. I was keeping up with the kids, who certainly weren't getting the historical significance of things! They liked the old store with a model of the museum in it best. It had buttons and lights, need I say more? :)
William loves to keep up with the older, bigger boys in his class. If they were running and going the wrong way, he was right there with them!Abbey had fun running around with Nana and Papa
There was an awesome new playground and all of the kids, of course, loved it! William was so brave too; he even did the climbing wall part of it! I couldn't get a picture of that though, because I was spotting him!Swings!
The train was by far, all the kids' favorite. There are a few Thomas fanatics in his class, so there were also some tears leaving the train.


Angela said...

I've been to that museum, years ago.
That is a really cute picture of Abbey and Gail. Looks like it was fun.

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