Thursday, November 13

North Florida Fair - the rides

After the petting zoo, we went to the mini-midway and Papa bought William a wristband so he could ride as many rides as long as he wanted until 4:00. We were so proud of him going on things by himself. He showed us what he wanted to ride and got right up there on them! It was kind of a big deal since he's usually good at looking at things, but not on actually doing them. He was really in the zone too, holding the reigns and wheels tightly, like it was all up to him to keep the ride going! We ended the time at the midway with William going fishing. He caught one pretty quickly and was ready to try it again. He didn't realize that it was over once he got a fish! He would have traded his prize for another turn! (My pictures got uploaded out of order, so don't mind the fish ones first! :))

This is the face that said it was time to go!


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