Tuesday, November 18

The Harvest Festival

Whew, what a week!! I'm trying to get caught up on all of our activities from last week, before I can even get to stuff this week. Last Thursday night, the school at our church had its harvest festival. It was nice for us because mom and dad were working it (so we got to see them) and kids 3 and under got to do everything for free! William was all over the games! He didn't totally understand the concept of 3 tries per turn though! :) He did great on the shooting games and on the football throw, he stood way back where the big kids stood and threw the ball right through the hole on the first try! We were all amazed! I'm telling you, he's bound to get a scholarship for some sport one day - just which college will he go to??? :)
He wanted no part of the inflatables; he wouldn't even go near them. Maybe next year? Abbey was mostly satisfied riding in her stroller. There were too many people for her to get down and walk too far. We did let her do a few things too though and she got lots of freebies!
On the bean bag throws William got right up close and basically placed the bags right into the hole. I think he prefers a ball. He did the same thing with the horseshoe toss. It was pretty funny! He did manage to get a ring around a post on the ring toss though. He is constantly amazing people with his famous little arm!


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