Tuesday, November 11

North Florida Fair - the animals

Last Saturday we went to the North Florida Fair. It was nice that there was something going on in town that we all could enjoy. The kids didn't get much rest before we left, so we knew we'd have a limited amount of whine-free time to work with. We started out with the petting zoo and that was a hit. Well, actually we watched a pig race first, but we didn't get any pictures. That was pretty funny and I have to admit that's the first time I've see one! So the kids loved the animals and fed them without fear. Jonathan bought some carrots and both kids fed the goats. They were so funny, their lips would get moving even before the food got to their mouths. They looked like they were starving, but thankfully, were very gentle. I think both kids would have jumped in there with the goats if we would have let them!


Pa said...

It was really entertaining watching the children with the animals. I guess after feeding Hershey anything seemed safe to them!

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