Monday, November 10

William's Birthday Bash

We didn't do an all-out party for William's 3rd birthday, but we had our family here and enjoyed our time together! I made cake cones for William's class party. He picked out marble cake and we baked them in ice cream cones so that they would be easy to eat. They're not so easy to transport though... Anyway, here is William with his cake-cones.
I made William a train cake for our get-together. It was tough, trying to frost cake that's been cut and not get crumbs in your frosting! I nearly chucked the whole thing working on the engine - the "engine room" didn't stand up like it should have. It didn't exactly come out just how I would have liked, but overall I was ok with it. I think it was better than an airbrushed cake from Publix with a plastic Thomas on it though. Cheaper too, plus you have leftover candy to eat! :)

Here is William photographing his cakes!
And here is his big boy bike! And it's BIG too! He loves it!!
And more presents!
He had a GREAT night!!


Anonymous said...

He is looking so grown up these days. The cakes are yummy looking, great job. Look forward to seeing everyone very soon.

Love to all,
Aunt Linda

Pa said...

It looks like we have an up and coming photographer in the family!

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