Saturday, November 22

my foot

Ok, people are asking me what's going on with my foot and honestly, I don't know. I just know that something popped or crunched in my foot - it was either Sunday or Monday 2 weeks ago - and I couldn't walk on it properly because of the pain. I called a podiatrist that week (before we went to Lakeland) hoping I could get seen before we left. I didn't call anyone right away because I didn't know if the pain would go away or get worse. Well, it didn't go away. And no luck getting seen on the day I called, but I did get an appointment scheduled for this past Thursday. So a week later, I went and he pushed on my foot, asked me what hurt and said, "You're not going crazy, you have a stress fracture."

So, he gave me a boot to wear, and hopefully it will help, otherwise, I have to get a bigger one! He also gave me a script to get x-rays done, which I did yesterday. It wasn't too bad; I had a nice guy doing them, but we had to re-do them since neither of us realized I had my toe rings on until he looked at the films! It only took about 2 hours... So anyway, that's the story - I go back in 3 weeks to check things out. Here's my highly fashionable boot.


Anonymous said...

Hey Laura,
Your picture makes me think back to the time when you (and Tony)were jumping on the beds at Chavez's house and you broke your ankle! You wore a cast and a very fashionable boot then, too. You were in kindergarten... Remember the stuffed toy that they bought you? That was quite a night...
Hope this new fracture heals quickly for you.
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I've only broken my little toe and that we bad enough.

Aunt Pam :)

Papa said...

Ouch! I am sure the kids will slow down so that you can catch them! I hope this heals quickly.

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