Saturday, November 29

Bobcats and Gators

We took the kids to the Tallahassee Museum this morning. It rained all day long yesterday (it is continuing today) and we wanted to take advantage of the break in the rain and get them out of the house for a bit.
So, we started out with the animal trail.

The monkeys were on vacation, but we got to see owls, bears, white tail deer, wild turkeys, red wolves, otters, and oh yes, the bobcats! William and I were walking up a head a little while Abbey and Jon were walking behind. Abbey was up at the fence looking for the bobcats, when one literally jumped at the fence right in front of her! I yelled and Jonathan said he heard the sound, but didn't realize what happened. Then he looked down and the bobcat was right in front of them! He picked Abbey up straight away and the cat jumped down when he realized he couldn't get a bite. There are 2 layers of fencing and an electrified ring around the fence, so it's not like she was in danger, but it was still pretty freaky. Especially since the thing came out of nowhere!

Jonathan had the camera with him when it happened, but we took a picture of what it looks like and you can see where Jon and Abbey are standing in the first pic - that's where she was standing on her own, right up to the chain link. The stinkin bobcat jumped right up as far as he could without getting zapped - probably within 2 feet of Abbey! We were pretty much done with the animals after that! So it was off to the train next. This time Abbey got a chance to sit up high like a big kid.

We rounded out our visit with lunch and some time at the playground. William didn't want anything to do with the swings this time, but Abbey was loving the baby swings. She swung the whole time while William ran around and did everything else. It started to rain again just as we were finishing up, so thankfully, we had a good visit just in time!

And if you're wondering about the "gator" part of the title, well, they have those at the museum too, but like I said, we were done with the animals early... That actually has to do with the University of Florida Gators. We saw the team buses on I-10 on their way to the stadium on our way home! Being Gator fans (well, Jonathan is at least) that was pretty exciting!


Collins Family said...

They look sooooo cute as monkeys
:-) I can't believe how fast they are growing!!!!!!

Papa said...

I think the thing with the bobcat was that Abbey was probably showing him a "Gator Chomp" and the bobcat was obviously a Seminole fan and was offended. Too bad!

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