Saturday, November 22

William and the Wiggles Concert

We got floor tickets to the Wiggles concert for William's birthday. We were thinking that we'd have to go to Mobile, AL for the concert, but they added a date right in town, in November - perfect!! Because it was a bit expensive, we decided that only one of us would take him. We know that Abbey likes them too, but we will all go next time!

So last night was the big night, and I was all set to take William, but Jonathan ended up going as I've got a stress fracture in my foot and well, we decided he would go. So, the boys went and the girls stayed home. Jonathan got lots of good pictures though and William told me all about it when he got home!

Captain Feathersword - he made an upside-down entrance!
Mommy's Favorite - Murray!!
We had seats right at the end of the aisle so William was able to slap Jeff's hand as he came by! That was so cool! That and getting to see Murray up close!
The newest Wiggle - Sam!
Toot toot chugga chugga Big Red Car!
And here are some of William's souvenirs. He wouldn't put on his shirt for me - stinker! Jonathan says this is an x-small shirt, but it's still quite big on buddy. It'll probably be another 3 concerts before it fits!
You can't see it, but his little toy lights up - that's his favorite! They gave out coloring and sticker books too!


Angela said...

It looks like they had a wiggling good time!
We don't have Disney, so i am glad I don't have to watch it anymore. However, the songs are catchy. :-)
What an awesome birthday present.

Anonymous said...

What did you do to your foot? Glad the boys had a good time seeing Wiggles.

Aunt Pam :)

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