Monday, October 13

video proof

Abbey gets so excited when Little Einsteins come on, that she dances around like a crazy person. She was spinning through the whole song, so I grabbed the camera and got the end of it. This shows what happens when toddlers spin for over a minute! :) (And I know, her pants are falling off!)

This is William showing Grama his skills on his Thomas laptop


Angela said...

Oh my word, Abbey was so cute. I LOL when she fell over. Too funny!
I love that game William is playing, gotta be quick to catch those letters, huh?

Anonymous said...

Hey Laura,
He really does a great job on finding/matching the letters. I enjoyed working with him!
Mom (aka "Tall Grama")

Papa said...

Leave it to William! That boy loves anything with a button on it. I think that anything that stimulates correct speech for him is a good thing. Keep up the good work William.

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