Monday, October 13

everyday surprises

William's delighting us with the new things he's learning lately. Just in the past few weeks, he'll just start singing a song he's learned at school. He'll be doing ring around the rosy by himself or head and shoulders and another one, that goes, "down, down, down, down, down"...don't know if that's from Sunday school or Little Einsteins maybe? Either way, it's so awesome to see these new things coming out! Oh, and it was so funny yesterday, we were waiting in the car at a red light, when he said, "shake" and pointed out the left window. Well, we didn't even realize it, but were sitting in front of the "Steak and Shake!" He knows what he likes and it was just so funny to hear that, because it's something we drive by very often, but he's never said anything before!

He's also been saying "da-ee" and "ma-ee" more often, which is nice to hear. And as we were walking out of school last Thursday, one of his classmates and his mom were walking behind us and as we got to the road, he turned and said, "Bye Joe!" It was so cool! And then of course, he's also learned a bad habit/word from school, which we knew would happen eventually. He's definitely mastered "mine!" It's one of the few words that he says completely - consonant, vowel, consonant! He's learning his alphabet and recognizing his name. He loves the letter "W", but gets it confused with "M" sometimes. He does the same with "N" and "Z", but you can see why, since they're all the same if you turn them around! He loves to "count" but every number still comes out "two".

Now if you're reading this and you have a kid who speaks normally and has been "right on track", you're probably thinking, what's the big deal? But to us, this is all a very big deal!! He's a smart little guy who just hasn't been able to show us what he's got going on in that head of his! And now that he's learning to express his thoughts and likes and to see something "click" with him everyday is just amazing and wonderful! He did so well at therapy last week and I am eager to get there this afternoon as they are going to teach me some apraxia hand signals.

Abbey has been affected too by William's issues. She imitates all of his "words" so we're unsure if she has similar problems, or if she's just trying to be like big brother. Hopefully it's the latter, and we'll see as time goes on. Anyway, here are some pictures of what's been happening in the past few weeks. Abbey is sick and teething, so she's been sleeping A LOT! She was so tuckered out, I watched as she laid down and just conked out on the floor! I put her into her bed after I took the picture, of course! And here she is with her usual bed head. I don't know how she can get so messy just while napping! Here's Abbey the photographer!
She's almost got it right...

I left my closet door open the other night and this is what I found. Did I mention she'll pretty much go to sleep anywhere?


Angela said...

It's so awesome that William is talking more and telling you things. Charles is doing that too, everyday it's a new word or phrase. Charles used to say two for everything also, now he will count to 6, but he always starts at 2 so it's 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. He did point and say 1 today so maybe he will get it one day. Charles gets b,d,p,q mixed up and says V for U and V. It's funny what kids pick up on and how each of them are different.
We are praying Abbey is being like big brother. She's a cutie!

Papa said...

Jonathan was much the same way. When he got tired, he would "check out" and sleep right where he dropped. This is too funny seeing Abbey with this same trait.

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