Friday, September 19

our new fishies

Grandma thought it would be fun to get William and Abbey some goldfish, since they love to play with Speedy at her house. And I mean play, literally - William gets his hands right on in there with the fish! Abbey's sick and hasn't been very happy the past few days, so she stayed home with dad and Mom took William (and me) to Walmart last night and let him pick out some fish. It was more like the Walmart associate picked them out, but we were ok with that. We got 4 altogether, 2 for each kid. She also bought us a bowl and all of the necessities. It was fun getting all of the pieces and then getting it all set up when we got home. Abbey hasn't been up to check them out, but here is William talking with his new pals. Oh, and since there are 4 of them, we've named them Murray, Anthony, Sam, and Jeff. Yes, we have Wiggles fish!


Angela said...

Fish are our friends, not food.

Love the big blue rocks, those are really cool.

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