Tuesday, September 30

Bye bye blog???

If you've read the blog for any length of time, you'll know that your interaction with it, is completely up to you. I haven't gotten on here and begged for comments, I haven't asked for you to become a follower, or anything like that. I appreciate those of you who are "followers" of the blog and it is always nice to hear from the readers once in a while.
But this is the thing, I've been contemplating for some time on taking the blog down completely. So, if you don't want that to happen, now is your chance to let me know. Leave me a comment or send me an email. It might just be enough to persuade me to keep it going.


Anonymous said...

Don't take it down...I love watching the kids grow up and do funny stuff...it's the best way to keep everyone posted about what's going on way up there ;-)


Angela said...

Our vote is to leave it up!

Also, I'm at my Mom's house and she says to leave it up too.

So that's two votes.

Anonymous said...

It's up to you but it is a way for me to keep up with you guys. But, if doing this is more than you can keep up with, please email family with updates.

Aunt Pam :)

Papa said...

Please do not confuse "lack of comments" with "lack of interest". I love to hear about the "Many Adventures of William and Abigail and their parents". It makes me smile every time I read one of your stories. We love you guys and keep on bloggin'. Papa

Grama said...

I really like being able to see what's going on...

Keep it going.


holleyndavid said...

Now listen here! I like! I don't care what other people say or don't say, Dave and I look at it just about everyday. And since I just had to go through all the new sign in and password and display name crap it should mean a lot to you that I am leaving you a comment, Btw thanks for all the clothes for Saydie I can't wait for her to waer them. Joey is now in 2t and 3t so those clothes for Joey came in handy at the right time, and he likes his new nikes! Thanks a bunches! Love, Dave, Holley, Joey, and soon to be our Saydie

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