Friday, October 3

Here's something for you

So, a friend of mine had a funny picture on her facebook from this website and since the kids are asleep and I'm kind of bored, I thought I'd give it a whirl too. It's pretty fun and good for a laugh. You can try it for yourself here. I've been thinking about getting my haircut again (I do it every fall) so maybe I'll use one of these pictures as inspiration! :) Here are some of my looks over the years...

Of course, I did Jonathan and the kids too.

Here's Abbey circa 1976

William circa 1956

Jonathan circa 1964

And my personal favorite

If my hair would do this, I would totally go with this look, now that I know I can pull it off! :)


Anonymous said...

Angela just got her hair cut in a bob and it really goods good.

Aunt Pam :)

Angela said...

That's awesome, I spent a few hours on that site awhile back. it's a lot of fun.
Yeah, I got my hair cut, need to post a picture.
I've had it one way for about 14 years so I needed a major change.

Angela said...

Oh, and I love the fro, that's my favorite. You should make that your facebook profile.

Anonymous said...

Oh, man! This is hilarious! I'm cracking up...
You really DO look great with an afro. :)

What happened with Jon's nose? It looks like it's broken!

How fun.


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