Tuesday, June 3

Tuesday AM

Well, I'm sitting here in the hotel while Abbey eats breakfast. As many of you know, this could take a while - this girl is a bottomless pit. And she still only weighs 17 pounds! We got her to the doctor yesterday and she has an upper respiratory infection. They didn't give her any medicine; it just kind of has to go away. (And it only took 2 hours of waiting to find that out!!) Anyhow, that's better news than having croup! William is doing well, other than knowing that something weird is going on. He actually went to Lakeland with Jonathan's parents for a few days. They went home yesterday afternoon and took him with them. It was hard to see my little buddy go, but it's best that he's away from the hospital and all of this chaos right now.

Abbey and I are heading back over to see Jonathan soon. We are eager to see if he'll have to do dialysis this morning, since his creatinine was still up yesterday. He had an ultrasound done yesterday to check the blood flow to the new kidneys and even though we don't have an official report, we were told it looks like there's good blood flow. He's doing well and even got up and walked to the nurses's station yesterday, so he's coming along nicely. I don't know what else he has to have done today, but I do know that he has some studying to do. He has a book on his new meds and interactions, which he has to study. They're going to give him a test on it before they let him leave.

So, that's it for now. Better get a move on!


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