Monday, June 2


I was too tired to write last night, so I'm back this morning with wonderful, amazing news. Jonathan came through with flying colors, as you could say. The surgeon said the kidneys looked wonderful, and they like their new home - his words. They even started making urine quickly, which is a HUGE, huge blessing. The whole procedure went rather quickly and he was in recovery only about 2 hours. We saw him last night in his room and he looked good for having been through such a major ordeal. Today will be a tough day though and we're going over to see him soon.

Abbey on the other hand isn't doing so well. I have to find somewhere to take her today. She sounds like she might have croup. She was warm yesterday and was coughing her little heart out. Poor baby. So that's it for now. Thank you for your prayers and love.


soccerkcs said...

That's awesome! Keep the updates coming!

soccerkcs said...
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