Tuesday, June 3

National Lampoon's Hopsital Vacation

That's what I called our exploits on Sunday afternoon, trying to keep up with Jonathan! :) There were 13 of us (not including Jon) at the hospital and someone watching our "herd" roam the halls and all fit in the elevators would have to laugh. Here are some pictures of our people at the hospital and at Cracker Barrel, where we ate while Jonathan was in surgery.
William was really NOT into taking a picture - before the surgery.
However, he WAS really into checkers!
Uncle Mike and Abbey
Aunt Katie, my dad, and me (making a lovely face)
This is our friend, Josh, who was lined up as Jonathan's living donor.

William's cheeser face

William loved the gator hanging from the ceiling in the atrium.

Papa gave William wheel chair rides!

Jonathan has a central line (IV) in his neck. That is what's taped to his face. He is doing really well today. His ultrasound results came back positiviely and he did NOT have to have dialysis since his creatinine came down on its own. They also pulled the drain out of his side (I'm not sure what it was draining exactly) and that was quite painful. I know - I watched the guy do it! One less tube hanging out of his body now though, which is a great thing. He was up and walking around a lot more today and his foley catheter will come out tomorrow. So things are progressing nicely and we just pray that tomorrow will go as well as today!


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