Sunday, June 1

Kidney update

Well, we're here at the hotel for a short while, while Jonathan's in surgery, so I thought I'd keep you all updated. He is receiving 2 kidneys, which were flown in out of state for him. He's getting 2, since they're from an infant. While it's bothersome to think about someone dying to give you their organ, it's even a little more upsetting to know that they're from a baby. We don't know the circumstances regarding this little ones' death, but we're very thankful to his/her family for allowing these precious organs to be used to help save Jonathan's life! His doctor has done over 200 kidney transplants and has seen great success (as far as the life of the kidneys) with infant kidneys; he feels they're actually the best ones you can get. Of course there are complications, but we faith in the surgeon and most importantly, the Lord. He brought us here and He will bring us through it!

We chose to go ahead with the cadaver kidney, over taking the kidney from our friend, for many reasons. People wait their whole lives in some cases for a kidney and we were blessed with one exactly 1 year to the date since Jonathan was given his first dialysis treatment in the hospital last year. Also, we especially wanted to protect Josh and his family from having a major surgery and dealing with all of the ramifications that come with it. He's actually here with us and we're so thankful for his support!

Well, anyway, I need to get going. The OR nurse should call me halfway through with an update and we need to get back to the hospital. I don't know what the week holds for us, but we truly appreciate your prayers through this time. I hope to be back with good news soon! :)


Anonymous said...

What a blessing it is to receive not one but two kidney's! I pray things continue to go well for Jon. Sorry we weren't there, still recovering from our return from Israel.
Love you all and hope to get up there one day this week.

Aunt Pam :)

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