Wednesday, June 4

Going home soon!

Well, it's Wednesday night and I'm back in Gainesville. I hadn't planned to come back until tomorrow, but Jonathan called this afternoon and said he's supposed to be discharged tomorrow! They said they could have hurried him out today, but he said no need, since he didn't have a ride! He looks good today and they have removed all tubes except his central line. So, he's still a little uncomfortable with it, but it's only for one more night. So, I'll be up early tomorrow to get back to the hospital and talk to the doctors and everyone while they give him his discharge information. Providing everything goes well we should all be home by tomorrow evening! I don't know how the weekend will go and how Jonathan will do being back with the kids who are both sick now. However, we've learned to trust the Lord literally one day at a time through all of this and I know He won't let us down now! :)


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