Thursday, June 5

more hospital pictures

Jonathan said he wanted the pictures up, so here are the rest of the pictures we took at the hospital. Day 1 - post op

The view from the window - for you Gator fans :-)
Part of Jonathan's incision. The staples and stents (they're inside) will come out in 3 weeks. The band aid is where they pulled out the drain.
His central line. The tube (it wasn't a needle) that was inside his vein was about 8 inches long! One last shot before we get outta here!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy you are home and doing well. This whole thing has just been amazing to me. You were a champ!!! Keep up the good work and do what the Dr's say, as you have a knew start. Laura make sure you take time for (you) so you can be a good nurse for Jon and little ones. Much love to all and keeping the prayers going...
Aunt Linda

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