Saturday, May 31

We're going to Gainesville!!!

I'm pretty flustered right now as we're in the middle of packing, well, I'm packing and Jonathan's pacing.  Shands called tonight and said they have a kidney for Jonathan. We're leaving tonight and his transplant surgery is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.  That's all I know right now; I'll keep you all updated as I can.  Please pray that this kidney(s) (we hear he's getting 2) turn on quickly, as they're from a cadaver and the longer they take to work, the longer Jonathan's in the hospital and on a catheter!  We need a lot of prayer for everything right now, so if you think of it, please shoot one up for us.  Thanks! :)  


Angela said...

Wow, that is just the best news I've heard today. We will be praying for you. I'm sure we will get an update from family. Love you and tell Jon we love him too. Safe travels.

Sherri said...

That is so awesome! I've been praying for you both all morning. We'll be in touch!

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