Tuesday, May 27

Cooling down!

So this is William getting cooled off at Barnett Park. It took a little convincing that it was ok to run through the water at first. He quickly got the hang of it!

He was one tired boy after that!


Josh & Annie Hill said...

AHHHH! You are in so much trouble missy! I can't believe you were at Barnett Park and didn't CALL ME! We are literally less than 5 minutes from there!!! Oh, and I would have taken your picture for you guys! Oh well, next time you know! Let me know when you are coming back! Oh, had an interview with Lakeland Christian yesterday. Went very well, I may be a new piano teacher there ;-)
Oh, do you know of anybody who might be interested in watching an adorable little one year old?!? I think we are going to put Noah in Preschool, not sure where yet, so if you know of a good preschool, that would be awesome! Thanks!

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