Friday, June 8

Finally Home!

Well, after an 8-day stay, Jonathan was released from the hospital yesterday. He underwent his last round of inpatient dialysis early in the morning and he couldn't have been more ready to leave by the time that was over! He was a bit tired, but after a little resting on the couch, he was ready to do something, we went to Walmart! We stocked up on a bunch of food that he is now supposed to eat. There are going to be a lot of changes for him now - the biggest being his diet. We'll have a better idea of just what he can have to eat & drink when we meet with the dietitian on Monday, but in the meantime, we have a good and a bad list of foods to abide by.

Starting on Monday, he will go to a clinic for dialysis 3 times a week - until he gets a transplant. The shunt in his arm is doing well, but the chest catheter will have to stay for another few months until the shunt is strong enough to use for dialysis. We've also got to find a clinic where he can go in Tampa so that he can get back to work. All of this is definitely tough enough, but when you've started a new job and you're in the position of "don't work, don't get paid" it makes it that much harder. Thankfully, there appears to be financial help we can get b/c if you're on dialysis they consider that a "disability", but it's going to be a while before that takes affect. No matter how long it takes though, we're praising the Lord for it! We'll take any help we can get - now or later!

So, we're thankful to be home together and to be done with the hospital. However, I do want to say that he had some of the best doctors and nurses and we're very grateful for the wonderful care they gave him. We also want to thank everyone of you who came to visit him in his tiny little room, and for the emails, cards, flowers, calls, prayers, and love. We've experienced such an outpouring of support and we want you to know how much that means to us. Thank you - we love you!!


The Aaron Hanke Family said...

We are praying for you and miss you guys. We wish we could be closer. Looks like everyone is happy to be together again. Take care and keep us updated.
Oh, are you on the Low oxilate diet? I was last year for the kidney stone.

The Fallin Four said...

We haven't heard of that. I guess they could put him on that? We just don't know, yet. What is it exactly?

Katie said...

Hey...I'm glad your home and feeling better. I haven't called bc I'm trying to let you guys have some time together...I know this wk has been kind of crazy. I love you and will talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that Jon is home and I pray that the dialysis will do it's job until he can get a transplant. Laura you take care of yourself and that new baby! You look so thin, you need to eat for the baby. Love you guys.

Aunt Pam

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