Tuesday, June 19

Getting back to "normal"

Well, I figured it was time for some kind of something on here, so I thought I'd put up some new pictures. We're doing all right - just taking each day as it comes. Jonathan started back to work yesterday, which is a very good thing. He's up here this week, but will be back in Tampa next week to finish up his training. He's been able to get on with a dialysis clinic in Temple Terrace, but they can't get him in until next week. (Fine with me! It's nice having him around. :)) We are unable to get any kind of disability assistance if he works, but we can't live on the disability anyway, nor do we want to, and either way, the medical bills that are going to come rolling in soon are going to be completely overwhelming, so better that he gets back to doing something productive. It'll help to make things feel "normal" again, although our normal will never be the same... Anyway, here's what's William's been up to recently...

He likes to completely empty his toy box!

See, totally empty!

All that making a mess really wears a boy out!

Reading his favorite truck book

Daddy brought home a new "toy" from dialysis

Yeah, he can play with it until it's been used...


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