Tuesday, June 5

Jonathan update

Well, we got the results this morning from the biopsy, and it wasn't what we were hoping to hear. Jonathan's kidneys are completely too far gone to be recovered and he will continue on dialysis until he can get a transplant. They were too messed up for them to even get an answer as to what caused this whole renal failure. It seems unbelievable - this happening to him of all people - as he's young and has always been in decent health. However, the nephrologist said this was going on a lot longer than any of us realized. He said if an 80-year old was experiencing the symptoms Jonathan has been for a while, that person would have been in the hospital years ago! You just never think a nosebleed or the occasional throwing up would be an indication of something like this.

So, tomorrow he will have a fistula (shunt) put in his arm in order to continue the dialysis without the permanent catheter in his chest. He will go to a dialysis clinic in town 3 times a week indefinitely. In the mean time we'll be doing just what the doctor says and be waiting for our appointment at Shand's to meet with the transplant team - it'll probably be a month at least before this happens. That is when we will find out who could be a possible donor and get him on a transplant list. THANK YOU to everyone who has volunteered to be tested as a donor. I will keep your names in mind and when the time comes, we'll figure out how you can be tested. I'm just not sure that we can do anything with it yet.

Hopefully I've remembered everything from this morning - I think I've covered it all though. It's really getting tough to think clearly these days! :) THANK YOU SO MUCH for your love, prayers, and support through this. We've got an answer now, but really, the toughest part is ahead of us. We're just trusting the Lord to get us through each step.


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