Monday, May 7

Weekend Update - update

With so much going on this weekend, we really never pulled out our camera - not until Sunday anyway. We had fun with everyone on Saturday and got to see lots of family and friends, but Sunday wasn't such a good day. We were on our way home...still in Clearwater...when a complete idiot (p.g. version) rammed our car from behind. He had been driving wrecklessly and a witness was just about to call and report him when it became too late. All we remember is a huge, loud, jolt and then my dad trying to control the car as we slid and swirled across all 3 lanes. His quick thinking and good driving kept us away from any other cars and most importantly off of the guard rail, otherwise we would have flipped right over it. We have been hit from behind before, but never like this. Thankfully, William was safe in his car seat and was sitting behind my dad, which was on the opposite side of the main impact. Mom and Dad are safe, but of course, have sore necks and backs. I have one sore head, from hitting the ceiling of the car and a really racked-up neck. The EMS guys checked us out and we refused to go to the hospital in an ambulance, but I am going to get checked out this week. So far, everything appears ok with the baby - I had no immediate belly pain and she's still moving around like normal. Since we just got home this afternoon, I'll be calling the doctors in the morning. Both of our cars were totalled; the other driver seemed to be fine. He had no interest in how we were doing - idiot. They had to pry open my door to get me out and mom and dad's car is a total loss. The whole chassis was bent. All things considered, we're just very thankful that the Lord was protecting us and even though we're sore - we're safe. And looking on the bright side, this idiot's gonna pay, so mom and dad can get a new car now! :) These are 2 pictures I took of the car.


soccerkcs said...

We'll be praying for you! I know how stressful it is to be in an accident since Jen was in one over Thanksgiving break. Let me know if we can help!

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