Friday, May 4

Weekend Update

Well, this afternoon William and I are heading south. It's been a busy week and it's going to be a busy weekend too. Jonathan's company picnic is tomorrow at a resort in St. Pete and thankfully William is well enough to make the trip down. He's been feeling badly all week and after seeing the doctor yesterday, his fever's gone and he's ready to party! Plus, Dave and Holley are in the middle of their move and we'll be visiting them and their new place this weekend too. And finally, yesterday was our 4th wedding anniversary and needless to say, we didn't even see each other, so hopefully we'll fit in a dinner or something this weekend too. That or we'll go baby stuff shopping! Probably both... :) Anyway, we'll have pictures and all of that good stuff when we get back. Enjoy your weekend!


soccerkcs said...

Watch out for that crazy Dave on the Interstate. I can see him pulling you over for the fun of it! Have a good weekend.

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