Wednesday, May 9

I don't know about you, but we've had a pretty crazy/awful/stressful week so far. Fortunately, William always knows how to make me smile. This was how he did it tonight.

And here's an accident update - I had an ultrasound done this morning and thankfully everything is just fine with our baby. She had the safest seat in the car! :) William and I went to the chiropractor later today and he had his first adjustment! He didn't cry or anything either - I was so proud of him! Even though he's been acting fine, he had a vertebrae (I guess that's what it is) out of place in his neck. Dr. Jensen fixed that and suggested he be x-rayed to ensure he doesn't have any other problems - ones that don't show up for a few weeks and then it can be too late to fix. I have to wait for x-rays until after the baby's born. I've got some swelling and still quite a bit of pain, but overall, things could be a lot worse. I get to have massages as part of my treatment, so I can't complain! :) I just keep thanking the Lord for His protection of all of us that day! You don't always understand why He allows things to happen, but you can always count on Him to bring you through it!


The Aaron Hanke Family said...

William is a good boy, he knows how to keep his momma happy. Glad to read everything will ok and that y'all are able to be 'fixed'. Happy Mother's day!

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