Wednesday, April 25

Trooper David

Today my brother, David, graduated from the Florida Highway Patrol Academy as a state trooper. This is a great accomplishment and I couldn't be prouder of him! And he looks great in a uniform! We had a few days of celebration - yesterday there was an Open House at the Academy as well as a banquet last night. If you're into "hob nobbing with the big guys" this was the place to be. The Director of the Highway Patrol was there, the Director of the entire Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, the Lieutenant Governor, as well as a whole lot of decorated troopers. It was pretty exciting for all us. Here are some pictures of the highlights. William did really well through all of the events. He didn't appreciate the banquet food, except for the cheese from the salad, but he was a great little boy! Oh, and Dave starts in Tampa in a few weeks, so if you're in the area, you better SLOW DOWN unless you want to see him in your rear view mirror! :)) he he

At the Academy

Lt. Governor Kottkamp

Colonel Christopher Knight

William sucked on toys and "stuff" from his diaper bag to stay occupied.

The Badge!

The family - most of us...

That's my brother!


Anonymous said...

Thank you sis for all of the great publicity. I'm very happy and thankful you and William could be there with me. I love you.

soccerkcs said...


Make sure to give Dave my congratulations! That is an awesome accomplishment!


The Fallin "Four" said...

Congrats David! Your tie looks a little short, but I'm sure that is the way they want it too look. I'm sure we will meet along I-75 (hopefully NOT). Good luck and be safe!

Jonathan :-)

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