Friday, April 27

Baby Update

Today was my ultrasound which showed that the placenta had moved up & out of the way so that I will be able to deliver naturally - no c-section! That's very good news. This appointment was especially cool though because the doctor took 4-D pictures, which turned out so well, that she asked to use some for their 4-D ultrasound advertising pamphlet!! This baby's gonna be famous! :) I wasn't expecting any 4-D pictures, so to have them and see the 4-D video was a nice surprise. Watching her move and seeing her facial expressions, I could tell that this little one definitely looks like her brother! She's gonna be a cutie! I'd love to share our pictures, but our scanner/printer isn't compatible with our new windows vista software, so I'll have to go scan them at Dave's when I get a chance. Stupid printer; it's an HP and so is our new computer, but oh well...stay tuned for the pictures!


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